Our Top 12 List Collioure

Our top 12 list Collioure. There are so many places and things to see and do when on vacation in our area. Here we made a list of 12 of our favourite things to see and do for both adults and children, while enjoying your vacation. For anyone that books one of our apartments we provide information sheets with restaurant recommendations, places to visit and a whole load of other information.

The list is in no particular order.

1. Collioure Village

Collioure, the ‘Jewel of the Côte Vermeille’ is an authentic fishing village located on the Mediterranean where the Pyrenees meet the sea. The naturally sheltered cove made a harbour for boats and has been a fishing village since Roman times.

Narrow cobbled streets, boutiques, galleries and a wide variety of cafes make Collioure a great choice for couples and families wanting to discover the genuine South of France.

It is easy to understand why this picturesque village attracts artists and creative people. Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso & André Dérain are among some of the artists to have spent time here appreciating the natural beauty of the area and enjoying the charm of the village. Worth a visit is the Artists Quarter, just behind the church.

Today, Collioure is regularly featured in travel spotlights on TV and newspapers around the world. The warm climate, sheltered beaches and traditional architecture remain alluring to many people from all over the Globe.

Collioure market is Wednesday and Sunday mornings.

2. Perpignan

perpignan river


Perpignan was once the home of the King of Majorca with what is still an impressive 12th century Palace in the centre. Perpignan is also host to the world largest photo-journalism event each September attracting thousands of visitors from around the globe. The city has a theater, night clubs, casinos and plenty of bars and restaurants to try. The city is great for shopping and exploring or just having a coffee by the side of the river. Getting to Perpignan takes around 30 minutes by car or the bus directly from Collioure in under an hour for just 1€.



3. A Day Out In Céret

Ceret museum of modern art


Céret is a beautiful little medieval village just 30 minutes drive from Collioure. Pablo Picasso lived here during the early 20th Century. Today Céret is know for it’s cherries, it’s festivals, it’s museum and it market.

Throughout the year there are various festivals, carnaval in March, the Cherry Festival in late May, the music festival in June and the Feria in July. The feria is the biggest event in the calendar attracting thousands of people to party and watch the bull run, it can get wild, you have been warned!

Céret is full of little galleries and studios, the most well know of which it the museum. The Museum of Modern Art is home to may great works of famous artists and includes a permanent exhibition of Picasso, Matisse and Chagall.

The Saturday Market is one of the biggest and best in the area and runs from early until around 1pm.


4. The Salvador Dali Museum – Figueres

Salvador Dali museum Figueres


Figueres is a lovely town and worthy of a visit in itself, however it is a certain artist that brings many to discover this wonderful place. Figueres is the home to Salvador Dali’s own museum. Painted pink and with bread stuck to it , the museum is as wonderful and strange as you would expect. Lesser know is his jewelry collection, also at the museum. We have a few tips for avoiding the crowds and making the most of your visit there. Just ask us when you get here.



5. Sports Activities



Golf, cycling, tennis, scuba diving, sailing, white water rafting, tele-ski waterski, the list goes on and on and these are just a few of the sporting activities you can do here. Rather than try to describe each one here is a list of links to the varions sporting activities you can enjoy.

Teleski Water skiing – Saint Jean Pla De Corts – 2 lakes and a good alternative to the beach.

Golf – St. Cyprien – By the beach

Golf – Domaine Falgos Golf and Spa – Definitely one of the most unusual courses in Europe

Kayak – Collioure

Tennis Collioure
Tel: +33 4 68 82 47 55

Scuba Diving

Sailing Boat Trip

Ask us, we have many more for you.

6. Les Gorges De La Fou

Les Gorges de la Fou


For nature lovers and those that like an adventure, Les Gorges de La Fou is a ravine cut into the mountain side about an hour from Collioure. You can walk along the gangway almost to the very end of the gorge. In parts it is just a few meters wide but 200m vertically on each side. The dept means that the temperature is a constant 14C. Feedback from my guests is that they really enjoy it. Not suitable for wheelchairs but we did it with out toddler, no problem.


7. Up in the Mountains – The Pyrenees



Many people associate a holiday in Collioure as a beach holiday. However I encourage the guests who like an adventure to explore the mountains. There is extraordinary scenery and some charming little villages to discover with a unique vibe. The village of Prats-de-Mollo is about 1.5 hrs drive away and we often take our visitors there. It may sound far but the journey is half the adventure taking you through some of the most beautiful scenery and little villages in the area. In Prats, there is a fort on the mountain which is connected to the village by a long tunnel. Kids and adults love the exciting walk up the tunnel to the fort for a guided tour. We have lots of knowledge about these villages so please do ask.


8. Barcelona



Many guests like the fact that we are so close to Spain. Within a 30 minute drive you can be across the border. Barcelona is very popular as a day out for couples and families. Driving takes approximately 2 hours but for those that don’t want to drive it is also very easy. The bus at 1€ takes you to Perpignan where you can catch the train and be in the centre in under an hour. For visitors from outside Europe, go ahead, you may as well while you are here.


9. The Little Road Train

petit train toursitique



The little road train is one of the things you should do when you first arrive in Collioure. It takes you through Collioure and Port-Vendres up into the hills above the village to the Fort Saint Elme. It is a great way to get your barings and a feel for the village. There is a commentary about the history and life in in the area which can be heard in different languages. Adults love it as much as much as the kids do and even those that have been here before can enjoy this one. Ask us about it, we are happy to share our knowledge.


10. Restaurant – La Balette, Collioure

La Balette Collioure


There are many restaurants to choose from in Collioure, too many to mention them all, but we will happily provide guests with a list of restaurant recommandations when they book. One eatery we very much like is La Balette, a Michelin Starred restaurant just a few minutes walk from the apartments. the menu is ever changing and consistantly excellent. Though a little more expensive than other restaurants you can definitely see and taste the difference. One tip I would give it to let the sommelier, wine-waiter choose the wine for each course. they are trained professionals and will provide the perfect wine to compliment each dish. One to save for special occasions.


11. The Biggest Barrel in the World -Thuir

Caves de Thuir


Just in the foothills of the Pyrenees about 45 minutes from Collioure is the town of Thuir which is famous for producing its fortified wine Byrrh (pronounced beer!). In it’s hay day the winery produced over 30 million litres of Byyrh per year. The caves or winery where is is produced not does an excellent tour of the facility with explanations of how the wine came about. The winery is also home to the largest wooden barrel in the world,  believe me it is big, holding over 1 million litres of wine. Ever I couldn’t get through that much! The tour culminates in a ‘dégustation’ or wine tasting. Definitely worth a visit.


12. Luna Park – Argeles-sur-Mer


We mention Lunar Park in Argeles-Sur-Mer, however it is part of a whole adventure park of different things to experience. From fairground rides to kanyoning.  At just 20 minutes from Collioure this is one for families with kids. Hours of entertainment and thrills for all of you.