Couples and Families


With so much to see and explore, you will never be wondering what to do. From visiting wine makers to water parks, from relaxing Spa treatments to kayaking down the rapids. Families especially love the child friendly nature of the restaurants.

Taking a stroll into the village, sitting at a café, people watching browsing in the market, it is not difficult to relax here. With shops, restaurants and galleries all within a few minutes walk, you can park the car and forget it. Got a good book to read on the beach or just fancy sitting on the balcony at sunset with a cool glass of  local rosé? Let yourself get eased into the way of life we enjoy here in the South of France.

Family Fun


Building sand castles on the beach is one of our favourite activities. Whether visiting with parents, teens or toddlers it is great to spend time with your family. Eating together, playing together and discovering new places is why we do it. With nature visits, a water park, long sandy beaches, boat trips and train journeys, there is an endless supply of activities to entertain your family. This being the South of France, most of the restaurants, cafés and bars are also family friendly and will often go out of their way to make the little ones comfortable.

Activities and Sports

Collioure has attracted artists for many years and continues to do so today. Whether paint brushes, a camera or simply a notebook you are sure to find creative inspiration here.

Golf, cycling, tennis, scuba diving, sailing, white water rafting, tele-ski waterski, the list goes on and on and these are just a few of the sporting activities you can do here. Rather than try to describe each one here is a list of links to the varions sporting activities you can enjoy.

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